Jordaszka - a place where memories are made ...

Wedding is a special day in the life of every couple. In Jordaszka you can find not only a beautiful wedding hall and an amazing atmosphere of the surrounding nature, but also people who create a unique atmosphere and care for the smallest detail. Professional service reduces the stress of the bride and groom associated with the event to a bare minimum.

Jordaszka staff approaches each wedding in a very individual way. The staff does its best to get to know the vision and dreams of the couple so that this great day may be refined to the tiniest of detail and may produce some beautiful memories.

The room easily accommodates 200 guests.

The room easily accommodates 200 guests. The spacious, air-conditioned interior with oak accents is kept in a modern tone, which ensures an unforgettable and warm atmosphere. Numerous glazings make you feel as if you were surrounded by nature. A large stage with

professional sound system

enables the involvement of multi-person bands. The room is equipped with a high-class projector and screen. Next to the stage there is a locked room with a refrigerator to which only the newlyweds and maids will have access.

We offer abundant wedding menu that is characterized by

dishes, homemade cakes and remarkable decorations.

Jordaszka also took care of the comfort of wedding guests, and in particular, families with children. The main room is directly adjacent to the children’s playroom and to outdoor playground.The glazing separating them means that

the parents who celebrate inside can watch their children playing freely.

To cater for families, we provide a bathroom for children and breastfeeding mothers.

In the immediate vicinity of the facility, there is a charming park with walking paths

and places to rest. While having a walk you can listen to the sound of water flowing down from beautiful fountains.

For couples planning an outdoor wedding, we offer a specially designated place where the unique atmosphere is brought about by nature in the form of charming birches.

We hope that bride and groom will do us the honor and let us accompany them on this special day.