For children

The Jordaszka complex takes care of its every, even the littlest, guest. Thanks to glazed interiors, during breakfast hotel guests can have an eye on their children playing in an outdoor playground. There is a play area in the room, where children can spend their time drawing, doing jigsaw puzzles or building interesting structures with building-blocks.

Soon, with our youngest guests in mind, we will open a room with play area and ball pits, where boredom simply does not exist. Colourful play structures with labyrinths, a slide and a ball pit invite will invite children to play.

Older children can spend their time in the creativity corner. The play area will be located behind a glazed wall of the room so the parents can drink their coffee in peace, while keeping an eye on their children.

Outdoors, children will be able to spend their excessive energy on a colourful playground. Slides, swings or a game court – these are just some of the attractions. Parents can be rest assured that their children will be safe as Jordaszka is located far away from a road and is surrounded by calming nature.